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Complex Structure Info:


Complex Structure type:
Apomorfic (no ligands)

Protein(s) involved:
Protein ID: Frizzled-5

Molecules used in this complex structure:

Dynamic(s) in which this complex structure appears:

Dynamics ID: 1265

References in which this complex structure is mentioned:

. None. . (). doi: Graetz-et-al.

Lukas Grätz, Maria Kowalski-Jahn, Magdalena M. Scharf, Pawel Kozielewicz, Michael Jahn, Julien Bous, Nevin A. Lambert, David E. Gloriam, Gunnar Schulte. 2023. Pathway selectivity in Frizzleds is achieved by conserved micro-switches defining pathway-determining, active conformations. Nature Communications 14 (). doi:


ERNEST (COST Action CA18133)

GLISTEN (COST Action CM1207)