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The GPCR molecular dynamics database

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Examples: 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 1b, 5ht1b_human, P28222, 4IAQ

Welcome to the online platform with web-based visualization capabilities and a comprehensive analysis toolbox that allows visualizing, inspecting, and analysing GPCR molecular dynamics.

Select a simulation to see the tool

Please note that not all the simulations have all the tools avilable. If you want to view a simulation with all tools check this example:
Adenosine receptor A2a in complex with xanthine amine congener (3REY)

Check the available simulations

Look into the family tree to find any simulated structure. The family tree helps you find the GPCR you are looking for. The GPCRs are classified by class and family. Finally, the different PDBs corresponding to each protein are displayed. Put your mouse in the PDB you are interested in and find out the different simulations.
There are more than 500 simulations available!

Receptor meta-analysis

Explore the receptor meta-analysis tool. Visualize the contact frequencies of all receptors in the database in a heatmap. You can select different simulations, interaction types, and cluster the receptors. Additionally, you can visualize the most frequent interactions of each cluster using different networks.
Check the tool!

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Collaborative database

Our simulations have been computed and curated by our research team together with the collaboration of worldwide users that upload their own simulations.
Take a look at our dataset or upload your own simulation!



ERNEST (COST Action CA18133)

GLISTEN (COST Action CM1207)